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SpeedGrader iPad App - Some Audio Comments Failing To Upload

Hi, everyone,

Recently, while grading essays using the iPad SpeedGrader mobile app, and adding short audio comments to each (ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes or so), I encountered a periodic "failed" message when I tried posting the comment. There seemed to be no rhyme nor reason for the problem, since comments varied in length.

I was able to post text comments, and post the grade, just fine.

I tried trashing and redoing the audio comments, but could not get them to upload. Going to the next student and uploading audio comments worked fine--until I encountered the issue again. It's making me shy about using SpeedGrader.

My wifi connection is strong, I'm using an iPad Air 2 with iOS 10, and even logging out and logging back in, closing the app and reopening it, didn't change the problem with that individual student. The error would occur for a handful of students in each set of essays.

I assume it's something I'm doing (or not doing) since this doesn't seem to be an issue others have encountered. But any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot this?




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Hi,  @kenneth_rogers ‌!

Thanks for asking!

The Teacher app works great now for creating and uploading audio comments! I depend on it, and the uploads are quick, allowing me to move on to the next student paper. That issue is resolved.

The only problem I've encountered on my iPad with the Teacher app is that once per grading session the app has a hard time resolving the student submission (.doc or .docx) and the app crashes. Just once per session, but one doesn't know when the crash will come. 🙂

It's pretty easy to recover from and complete the grading. When I open the app the problem file always resolves just fine, so I haven't posted anything for Canvas support since the issue is so intermittent.

Bottom line: The Teacher app is a wondrous achievement!



  @barnettda ‌, thanks for the feedback! The intermittent issues are worst, right? I would still encourage you to contact support. Support and/or the mobile team can review your crash logs and maybe pinpoint that issue.