Speedgrader / crocodoc: missing checkmark/tick/check symbols (yes/no)

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I find myself hand drawing checkmarks (yes) and no symbols (e.g %) over and over again. It would be much easier to use the speedgrader / crocodoc system if it was possible to add these symbols by a simple click. 

Do you know of workarounds?

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

 @michael3 ​, although Canvas isn't able to implement changes in Crocodoc directly, on occasion an idea about a change to third-party tool functionality will be presented to the Community in the Canvas Feature Ideas​ space--and if user sentiment is sufficiently strong, that would provide a signal to Canvas to "put pressure" on the third party. An example of this is , which is in the "Under Consideration" stage and remains open for voting.

You can use the Feature Ideas space to gauge community sentiment for your idea. I couldn't find an existing idea for the ability to add checkmark stamps as a Crocodoc annotation feature, so if you'd like, you can submit one of your own after reading How do I create a new feature idea?

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