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Student Document Sharing


I tried searching the guides for this but no joy.

I have a class were I would like to have my students submit their resumes (most likely word docs) somewhere that everyone can read/download them for discussion in class.  We are also a Office365 school so all the kids have a OneDrive account.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Pat Immel

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Have them post it in a discussion forum.

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Hi Pat,

I asked a similar question back in the summer for a creative writing class. I wish there was a better "workshop" feature. Instead I used the discussion board. It's a bit tricky when you have students submitting on Day X, then they have a week (or however long to read), then critiquing on Day Y. I'd love to know if there's a workshop feature that's been added, or that's in the works.

Best wishes,


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Hi there,  @pimmel2 !

I wanted to follow up on your question about students sharing resumes with each other. Were you able to find a solution? For the time being, since this question is almost a year old, I am going to go ahead and mark it as assumed answered. This won't prevent others from commenting on the question in the event they have an answer for you in the future!

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My post is 5 years after this thread but it seems this is still not satisfactory on Canvas. My school also has Office365 and almost all students have a Google Drive so there should be plenty ways to integrate a shared folder or such for sharing data such as GPS recordings, Excel sheets with measurements or pictures and video. The discussion board seems to be the only thing that Canvas offers for data sharing via attachments but it is awkward and inefficient as you can only attach one file per post. Any other suggestions?


Thanks in advance, Tom

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