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Tips re uploading a csv file (exported from gradebook) into a new course. THINGS THAT THE GUIDES WON'T TELL YOU!

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Community Team
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[ Deactivated user created this post in the Higher Education group as a compendium of tips for Canvas users; in the process of converting it from a question to a document, stefaniesanders was provided undeserved attribution.]

Tips re uploading a csv file (exported from gradebook) into a new course that you will not see listed in the Canvas Guides:

  • Both courses must have the EXACT SAME columns in the Gradebook. You'd achieve this by importing the graded items (assignments, quizzes, discussions) into the new course. Sure, you could opt to ignore lots of stuff but there's got to be at least 1 column that matches. Or you'll be asked to build a new graded item on the spot... for every single graded item in the entire course...
  • Both courses must have at least 1 person in common - e.g., Student X is enrolled in both courses so that there is at least 1 row in the Gradebook  that matches people-wise in both courses.
  • Canvas has a nasty bug that strikes after you upload the .csv file: it will ask you to match up EVERY SINGLE graded item with a grade. E.g., you are asked to pair up every graded item with itself off of a master list of EVERYTHING graded in the course?  Tedious, time-consuming chore and beware! What if you named a Quiz and an Assignment both "Chapter Eleven"? You now have a problem because you cannot tell which one's which. See my screenshot. This is an image of the matching you will be asked to do.
  • Since the student(s) in the new course did NOT actually submit anything, there will be NO details regarding quizzes (e.g., which answers were selected, what they wrote for essays), there will be NO files that students submitted, and that also means that the Turnitin Originality Reports will NOT be included.

We have a steady stream of instructors who wish to work with a student beyond the semester on an incomplete grade which the student has many months to finish... we put the instructor and student in a sandbox course so it won't shut down until they've finished working. Copying the grades over is a major headache... we are discovering...

If ONLY Instructure had a way to make a complete copy of a Canvas course, including student data... !

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