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Training for Faculty/Adjuncts

I am the Canvas Admin/Online Learning Director/Instructional Designer at a small, private college. We have just adopted Canvas and faculty/adjuncts love it! What I need now is training over the summer for my faculty/staff. We don't necessarily want to pay big bucks for the pre-packaged solutions, and I can do the training on my own. What I would like to know is what kinds of ideas/strategies have you implemented to train your instructors?

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John.  So sorry about the bad link.  I forgot that version was not public.

I will send you a copy via direct message

Hi Renee,

Could you share the link with me as well? It sounds like a great way to get faculty involved in "alternative" training.


Kate S

katesprague04​  I will send it to the email in your profile!

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Renee, Can you please send me the link as well?

sending it now

 @Renee_Carney ​, thank you for the course cartridge. No good deed shall go unpunished... Now that I have it I am unsure what to do with it. Is this something that has to be inserted into Canvas somehow? (I'm an instructor, not an admin.) Is there an app I need to open the .imscc file in?

Hi  @john_morris ​  Yes, you can import this content package into a Canvas course.  In the course settings, go to How do I import a Canvas course export package?​ for more info.

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During our transition Canvas was very, very new.  I initiated a give it to them in what ever way they might want it approach and we offered:

  • Online resources available for instructors to click at what they wanted to learn about when ever and where ever they wanted to
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Walk-In hours staffed at a central location and equipped for anyone to just come over and get help
  • A traveling "We're moving to Canvas" series we presented at each Academic Department's faculty staff meeting
  • Face-to-face workshops with each one running twice a week with the suggested beginning series as:
    • Introduction to Canvas (navigation, settings, and just a basic overview of Pages, Modules, Files, Assignments, and Grades)
    • Then in any order Assignments and Grades in Canvas and Pages and Modules in Canvas
  • One web site called Canvas One Stop, where any of the stuff above could be accessed, ie, sign up for a workshop, contact support, online tutorials and guides, walk-in hours and location, etc.
  • And an "over communication" approach to informing the campus community of all things Canvas in every way we could

You can get at much of this stuff at a page I set up called Canvas One Stop, although we no longer have the aggressive intro to Canvas workshop series running at such a heavy pace. 

I like both the online course of Kona's above and the idea of one as well.

Thanks for sharing@Renee! I like how the lessons could be completed within short time frames.

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Thank you so much, Kona! I am definitely interested in using the materials if that's okay! I love sharing all these materials among colleagues!