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Uploading two files for one assignment

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Uploading two files for one assignment

As a single assignment I want students to annotate an article from our databases by highlighting the PDF of the article and attaching a Word document with their notes about the article. In testing this, when the PDF and the Word document have been uploaded to the assignment, only the last uploaded file appears in the Gradebook and in SpeedGrader. Is there a way for students to upload the two files where I can see both of them in SpeedGrader without making them two separate assignments?

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 @kona ​, you are correct. Students can only see the last submission. Stehanie's suggestion would be a better option for the students. 

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I have a related question.

Could someone help me understand how this workflow could work for submitting more than one video to the same assignment? Is this possible?   @kona ​ stefaniesanders


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 @mevans1 ​, are they uploading the video files (created outside of Canvas) or creating the video in Canvas? If they are uploading video files (created outside of Canvas) then they will have the option to submit multiple files the first time they submit their assignment. That's what they would want to do - submit both files at the same time. That way they will still be able to view them and all feedback you provide for both of them.