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What experiences have you had using Vimeo as an integrated Canvas tool?

We are considering purchasing Vimeo Pro to provide streaming video options.  Vimeo did not have information about how it functions within Canvas. So I'm asking all my awesome peers here if they have experiences to share!  Here are some of my questions:

1. Can faculty upload videos to Vimeo directly from inside Canvas?

2. Can students upload videos to Vimeo inside assignments or Canvas in some other manner?

The whole point of the purchase is to allow students access to videos that take to long to download.  With many students in rural settings and limited internet speed, downloading even short videos can time out for the student.  They may get lags while things load in streamed video but hopefully they will eventually see the content.  Does that sound like a reasonable expectation?

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 @Cindy_Masek ​, I don't have any experience with the pro version of Vimeo, but here's what I know about Vimeo and Canvas in general:

  • Edu App Center - Vimeo  - there is a Vimeo app that you can install at the institutional (or course) level that allows users to easily add Vimeo video from the rich text editor.
  • Directly embed - faculty (not sure about students) can directly embed Vimeo videos into Canvas
  • Link - I'm not sure if students can embed Vimeo videos, but Vimeo does provide a URL link that students could post in Canvas.

Hope this helps and I'm interested in hearing if there are any differences when working with Vimeo Pro.

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OK so the integration just allows you to find the Vimeo videos more easily.  Not what I was hoping for, but good to know.

 @Cindy_Masek , I took a quick look at the pro version - Vimeo PRO - information and it looks like the biggest difference with the Pro account is that it gets you more storage, the ability to have unlisted video, and the ability to add your Institutions logo.

Not sure if there's more to it or not, so hopefully others who have the Pro account can chime in with more information!

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Thanks Kona!

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I've used Vimeo for all the reasons you listed.  I used the pro version to keep my videos private. However I haven't found a way to successfully embed these in Canvas to play. My requirement is that the videos on the vimeo site only play on our school portal and not be available to the general public.  On vimeo you can specify which websites have permission to embed. No luck yet.


Deactivated user, I haven't used Vimeo PRO either, but I did a quick search of their help area and found this:

Embedding Videos on Vimeo

The link above should direct to the FAQ, "Do I have control over where exactly my video can be embedded?" and gives instructions on how to "whitelist" certain domains. From your post, it sounds like you already know all this. Smiley Happy

The immediate problem I foresee is that if you're allowing the video to be viewed on the school portal, it can be viewed on any device anywhere that has access to the school portal. Anyone with video on their mobile device (in other words, basically anyone) can simply point it at the screen and record the video. The resulting copy will be low quality, to be sure, but that's the nature of piracy.

Is your experience with not being able to embed the Vimeo videos in Canvas specific to Canvas? Have you been able to successfully limit the domain(s) and embed the videos elsewhere?

Deactivated user​, whoops, please disregard my last question; I see you've posted exactly that here: Vimeo Integration

What about using YouTube and then setting a video's properties to "Unlisted"?  An "Unlisted" YouTube video means that it's not searchable, and people have to have the URL from you in order to watch it.

I do exactly what  @Chris_Hofer ​ suggested and it works wonderfully.

Brilliant - can't believe I have been overlooking the unlisted option - Thanks Chris Hofer