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Canvas for professional development organizations

Hello - Our institution uses Canvas for undergrad, graduate, and postgraduate courses. Our group is responsible for patient simulation, medical ultrasound, anatomy, and simulated patients for all of medical education. We develop online short courses and prelearns for medical professionals as well. Canvas is the LMS of choice, obviously, but we are struggling with the licensing b/c our "students" do not occupy a "seat" for an entire year. It is not cost-effective for us to use a "seat" for a student who only uses a course for a month or two. Our courses are usually free to employees! Is there a different license for professional development organizations?

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Surveyor II

Our organization has the same question for a similar situation. We have free courses that may run only a few days to a few weeks.  It would be great if Canvas would support an 'average number of users' over the year fee structure for organizations that need "seats" for a very short period of time.

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