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Adoption of Canvas

The last year has been one of transition from Moodle to Canvas.  While many professors have adopted Canvas and are enjoying it, there are several who are unwilling to try Canvas and/or have discouraging words to say about Canvas.  Has anyone used any marketing tools to encourage professors to use Canvas?  If so, would you mind sharing how this went and/or ideas?  We've tried lunch and learn sessions, working one-on-one sessions, but there are still a group of faculty who won't even try it.  It's unfortunate, because even a small group can create negativity for others.  It's mainly on their lack of knowledge of Canvas and more a fear of moving to something new.  Any ideas would be helpful.  Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach​,

We had a hard change over from BB to Canvas.  So not using the LMS was not really an option if they wanted to teach online/blended/hybrid.  You could use your power users in meetings to champion for Canvas.  You may also need to find out the REAL reason for the lack of interest.  If it is something that they are afraid the new system can't do, show them that it can.  I would also heavily promote what Canvas is great at that Moodle was not.



Thanks Robbie,

We have tried power users at our tech days and lunch and learns.  I agree, it would be nice to know the REAL reason they won't try it.  I think the right people need to be asking the questions of these folks - and then maybe we would know why they really don't like it.  Thanks for your comments.

Community Team
Community Team, I've changed your question to an open-ended discussion to encourage continuing participation and feedback, and have also shared it with the Canvas Engagement Strategies​ group where similar conversations are already taking place. If you're not already a member of that group, joining is just a few clicks away.

Community Member

Cathy, when something new is still optional, our school offers professional growth points for those who agree to learn it. This is a big incentive at our school, since we can't get raises without PGP's.

At some point, things become "no longer an option" and the old thing (whatever that is) is taken away. Those who refused to come along at some earlier point generally suffer from much confusion and stress.

May I ask, if you want them to use Canvas, when are you going to get rid of Moodle? When you do, you will push them out of the nest and they will have no choice. Just sayin'.

Also, are you able to take the sting out of it? If they get an intro workshop and you can promise them readily-available help during school hours, the transition should seem less scary.


In our institute, the old platform was taken down with both old/Canvas co-existing for one academic year transition period.  Having a hard cut-off after which the old system was not available was a major incentive, and provided the motivation for staff to migrate content.  One concern about the transition that may feed into the reluctance of some staff is what happens to existing content in Moodle, and how students progressing through the years will be able to access the old content?  I agree completely that if both systems co-exist without a defined end for Moodle, this sends mixed messages to staff about the necessity of adopting Canvas.

Community Coach
Community Coach​, what I used and seemed to help encourage faculty to try Canvas was a list of "Top Ten Time Saving Features in Canvas." It was short enough that faculty could quickly skim through it and I emailed it out, had flyers made with the information, and did brief 30 minute "Introduction to Canvas" sessions where I went through the things on the list (just to get them interested in learning more).

Top Ten Time Saving Features in Canvas for Faculty

  1. Speedgrader – Quickly and easily grade assignments and provide feedback
  2. Crocodoc – Directly markup student work and provide feedback on student’s paper from within Speedgrader!
  3. Message students who –  Right from the gradebook you can message students who haven’t turned in an assignment, got less than a certain score, or more than a certain score!
  4. Calendar – Calendar entries may be dragged and dropped to different dates and the changes update everywhere in your course.
  5. Inbox – Course roster is automatically loaded and updated throughout the semester; no need to look up students email addresses. Canvas messages can also be forwarded out to other e-mail systems and your replies come back in!
  6. Notifications – Ability to configure your notifications so you can be notified about things going on in your course as quickly (or not) as you desire!
  7. Google Docs – Through Canvas Collaborations Google Docs can be directly integrated you’re your course!
  8. Rubrics – Rubrics are easy to create and integrate directly into the grading process via Speedgrader.
  9. Create and add audio and video directly in Canvas – bonus that you can add these types of comments in as you’re grading via speedgrader!
  10. What-if Grades – Yes it’s for students, but it saves faculty time because students understand what assignment grades they need to get to get the final course grade they want!