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Anyone using Flipgrid?

Just attended a webinar in regard to CanvasCon IUPUI: CourseNetworking - How a Social Media Platform Can Increase Engagement in the Onlin...‌ when I opened up an EmergingEdTech newsletter.  One of the featured apps was Flipgrid - Video for student engagement and formative assessment.  I was wondering if anyone has used this before in their classes and if so how did it go?  It says that it can be integrated with Canvas so I was wondering if it was effective.  I would like to share it with our faculty if it proves resourceful and a good form of active learning similar to the CN post.

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Oops, just read the rest of this thread and saw that somebody else addressed the now-free nature of Flipgrid.

Hi‌! That's been my experience also: a few of my students really want to do video, so I am glad to have Flipgrid to offer as an option for that, but I was surprised at how few students it turned out to be that wanted to do video. My students all have blogs, and we use Padlet too, so those are my mainstays, but for the students who like the video option, I am really glad to have Flipgrid as a possibility for that. Since I teach fully online, it makes sense for me to offer my students a variety of different online options: everybody blogs, but I also like introducing them to other tools either embedded in their blogs or beyond the blogs that we can use for connecting and sharing (while also respecting that students are comfortable with / enthusiastic about different modes and levels of sharing).

I haven't tried Notebowl yet, but I am definitely intrigued by that one also!

I definitely share some of your experience, Sean and Laura. Given the options, students will usually choose the most stress-free medium to complete the assignment, appearing on camera often is not that if offered with free-form writing or drawing. My strategy usually is to offer a part of the assignments as Flipgrid video, but also ask the students to not be too stressed about it and peer-review each other's responses. Even with about 20 students, it's unscalable to view each of their responses and keep track of their replies, plus, they are creating their social presence for each other, not just for the teacher.

About the Flipgrid integration, if your student is accessing Flipgrid directly, then there is no way to get the Canvas LTI context, meaning Flipgrid has no idea which assignment the student is trying to submit. One way to force students to access Flipgrid via Canvas is toggle "Canvas Only" in the grid settings, so they have to launch through Canvas. Also turn off the Canvas Flipgrid navigation sidebar, so they cannot launch from the sidebar, and have to launch through a Canvas assignment, Flipgrid will then know which assignment they are trying to accomplish. This is, unfortunately, a technical limitation with how LTI works currently. 

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Hi and

We are having a problem with adding a Duplicated/Copied topic into a New Canvas Assignment. We were able to do that last term. When we created a New Assignment, we got a New Flipgrid Topic, but we cannot figure out how to link it  to the copied/duplicated Topic. It is blank. Do we need to create a new Topic each time we would like to re-use previous Topics.

Thanks for asking this Tracie! I'm working with faculty who are teaching several courses that reuse the same Flipgrid topics and am wondering if there is a more efficient workflow for them to either import previously used topics or link to duplicated topics in a grid.

It seems now that they need to create a new assignment in Canvas and copy/paste topic prompts and upload topic videos one by one when editing the blank assignment.... One of my instructors has 6 flipgrid topics per course and is teaching 3 courses. I'm sure there must be an easier way, but we just can't seem to figure it out. Tips welcome! 

Hi Tracie and Ali, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, there is currently no way to pick an existing Flipgrid topic and connect it to the current LTI assignment. However, if you are reusing a lot of the assignments cross semesters, you could copy/clone the whole Canvas course, so the assignments are all preserved in the new sessions. You just need to reconnect that new canvas course to a new Flipgrid grid once. I just tried this and it works! So try to put all your topic description in the Canvas assignment description/body, when the new Flipgrid topic is automatically created, only the assignment title will be passed over to Flipgrid, due to how LTI works. Picking an existing topic is technically possible in the future, although with its own design challenges, but it's something that we are willing to prioritize as more educators request this feature.

P.S.: We just announced a ton of features related to grid access and recording, please let us know if you have any ideas and feedback. Thank you!

Thanks‌ for the fast reply! I think I understand the workaround you described, except for the part where you "reconnect the new Canvas course to a new Flipgrid once." Can you give me instructions on how to do that?

It would be awesome to be able to pick a duplicated/copied topic in the future, as duplicating topics is a cool feature in Flipgrid already. I'll be sure to take a look at the new features that were just released. Are there a release notes I can follow so I can be notified about updates in the future?

We are excited to promote this tool at our institution. So far, instructors love it! 

Hi Ali,

No problem! So after you've cloned your course, you just need to enter the newly created Canvas course, click any of your previously assigned LTI assignment, For example, I clicked this assignment and saw this:

284725_Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.50.01 AM.png

You will see this button because we can not record inside Canvas due to the default iframe sandbox security settings, you are asked to open a new tab. After clicking that, you will be asked to connect to a new Flipgrid grid, like this:

284735_Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.48.45 AM.png

Once your course is connected to a Flipgrid, all your previous LTI assignments will be good to go. You just need to do this once in the new cloned course. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions!

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Community Advocate

Has anyone experienced duplicate videos...I just did a demo assignment for the faculty at my school to show them how easy it is to assign and to submit as a student...but every one has created 2 videos in the grid...why is that?

Yes, we are getting duplicate videos as well. Our students are also frustrated because when they look in their gradebook no icon displays for a Flipgrid submission, so it looks like they did not complete it in the gradebook view.