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Are the grade book tooltips getting in the way for you?

I'm hearing reports from my faculty that the tooltips are really hampering their ability to quickly move around in the grade book (see image below). Basically, the issue is that when a tooltip (the helpful message that pops up when you hover over a cell) pops up, it covers up another cell in the grade book and makes it difficult to get into that cell. If this is affecting others I can write up a Canvas Feature Ideas​ to create a toggle setting in the grade book but I wanted to see if others were having this same issue and if there was anything they had figured out to mitigate the problem.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.59.56 PM.png

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Adam yes they are a pain.  I have not liked them from my first time trying to enter in grades.  I am new to Canvas, so I will let you write up the feature idea.


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I saw a feature update that Speedgrader 2.0​ is trying to create some additional ways to enter grades more easily. I wonder if that will also solve the navigation of the gradebook columns.

I had the same experience as Ron. The tooltips have been improved since I started using Canvas, but they can still get in the way.


Thanks for the feedback. I am going to hold off until some of the new UI changes (including Speedgrader 2.0​ and the Gradebook changes) take effect before writing any feature requests.