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Can I hide or delete the comments box under an Arc video?

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Although I appreciate the option to include student/teacher comments under a video there are instances when I would prefer to turn off this option e.g. the video is meant as a trailer on a landing page.  Is the chat/comments box an optional feature or must it be there for every video embedded via the Arc video manager?



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Hi Stephanie,

that's brilliant, you replied so promptly with the solution. I did do a search but it didn't come up. I searched within instructional designers but you might have searched the whole database perhaps?

anyway thanks so much,


 @george_hatsidim ‌, a complete site search does unearth it (I am partial to the Spotlight Search at the upper right of every page, and just typed in "Arc comment" to confirm that it does indeed come up)—but in this case, I just remembered having seen it and who posted it, so I searched on her activity feed to find it. (Thanks, Deactivated user.)