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Canvas's "People": APIs/LTIs that could make the existing functionality more robust?

Hello! I am working a Canvas implementation for an Executive Education program and looking for recommendations around LTI's or APIs that would allow for more robust profile features for the program participants.

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Adventurer II

Are you referring to the Course/People aka Roster page? Can you give some ideas of what you mean by robust?

Community Member

Yes, the course roster area. In our current LMS, we have an area for participant (ExEd "students"), faculty and staff bios. In Canvas, this would map to the page that opens when you select someone from the roster. We would like this page to have many more fields and features, however since it is very basic, we are looking for possible integration solutions. Some of the features we are looking for include:

  1. Ability to choose Summary or Full profile with the Summary view including things like Photo, Name, Title, Company, Country; and the Full view including Photo, Nickname, Title, Division, Company, Function, Industry, Citizenship, Email (personal/work), Business Address, Local Address, Editable fields (Social Media, Website, Career, Describe your Organization and Responsibilities, Family/Personal). The functionality would be fully responsive.
  2. Name pronunciation feature (participant can record the pronunciation of their name) as well as a bio photo upload
  3. Editable fields and field labels (by program delivery staff)
  4. Ability to link to other pages external to canvas
  5. Flexibility in display
  6. Search and Print features

I hope these make sense. Happy to elaborate if helpful.

Adventurer II

I am not aware of any LTI's that do those things and it looks like some of that might require custom data.

Have you looked at the Canvas Partners or EduAppCenter?

Instructure Partner Portfolio 


If you can't find one one or develop what you need, Atomic Jolt is pretty popular.

Thanks for the info, Robert! I have checked the resources you mentioned in your response and have not managed to find anything related to making profiles less static and basic. I will continue to turn over stones and if nothing else, feel more confident about eventually having to build a solution, as my market scan isn't turning up much. : )