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Help Menu customization

We have customized our Canvas help menu with some of our own links (to our institution specific Canvas help, training, appointments, etc.) along with the Canvas help links (24x7 phone support, chat and email that reads "Report a problem" along with ask a community question, search the canvas guides and submit an idea ).  Our Teacher role has 9 items on their help menu and students have 10. Just calling out to other higher ed or Canvas folks in this community to get some feedback on so many choices and wondering if anyone has whittled theirs down or customized based on user feedback?

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Community Coach


We also used to have several custom links on our "Help" menu for both instructors and students, but we have now whittled that down to just seven links total for both instructors and students.

Help and Resources Menu

The two menus I've circled below are links to two separate pages in a course shell we named "MPTC Help and Resources" (you can name this course whatever you want).  The visibility of the course is "Public" so that anyone with the link has it.  However, people really only have access to two pages in this for instructors and one for students.  In each of these pages, we have a table that includes links specific to that particular role.  Here's an example:

Student Resources

Hope this helps to give you some ideas.

Good to see a discussion about this and some ideas.  We would have staff enrolled as students in some areas which which means we end up with a very long help menu for users with both staff and student roles.


It would be great to have 2 main options for customizing the help menu:


Option 1: Role specific - the current setup where you can set links to be visible for specific roles.


Option 2: Non-role specific- visible to everyone but with additional formatting options: an example of this would be to allow you to add main headings that expand when you click on them and you could add help menu links within each heading. E.g. Staff and Students as two separate headings and place the relevant help links under each heading. This would be visible for everyone but as each heading would be collapsed it wouldn't display as a big long list and the user would just click on relevant heading they wanted i.e. Staff or Student, to see the relevant help links.




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Kathy, You're in good company... I have 10!

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