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How do I apply 'late work' policy to Assignments?

Hi Everyone,

I am brand new to Canvas and will be using it for the first time this upcoming Winter semester.  As I am putting things together, I was wondering if someone can tell me about the following:

1) When I create an 'Assignment', one of the fields is the "Available Until..." - What exactly does the 'Available Until' entail?  Is that the date past which students no longer can see the assignment?  Does it disappear from their 'Canvas View'?  I am not clear on this.

2) My late work policy is that if students are late turning work in, they have until the start of the following class meeting to turn it in, though for 1/2 credit.  How do I apply this policy to my assignments on Canvas?  Where do I put the final date (after which I no longer accept) and where do I set up the 1/2 credit? 

Thank you in advance!!

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Hello! If you are using the Canvas Release: New Gradebook‌ (which you appear to be using in your course) you can setup Late Policies to automate this behavior.

Availability Dates work like this: essentially "Available" is when they can start submitting the item, "Due" is the due date, and "Until" is the cutoff after which no more submissions are accepted. Anything between "Due" and "Until" is automatically flagged as "Late" (whether or not you're using a Late Policy you'll still see the indicator.)

You can follow this guide for working with Late Policies to make your Gradebook automatically deduct points, and to apply zeroes for missed assignments.