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How have you gamified your classroom?

What sort of ways have you found to gamify your classroom? I would love some ideas to pass along to faculty at my college. I'm especially thinking of ways to help students learning another language since so much of it involves learning vocabulary. 

I also created an idea to add a simple visual celebration when assignments are turned in to make it feel more exciting. Go to if you would like to vote.

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Community Team
Community Team

Great discussion prompt,  @dewell_justin ‌, and I've shared it with the Gamification‌ group; their replies will appear here, so you don't need to join the group, but if you aren't yet a member of that group and would like to join, you can easily do so by clicking on the Actions menu on the home page for the group and selecting Join Group from the dropdown. If you haven't already, by all means look through some of the resources there.

Community Team
Community Team

Here's one that comes to mind: MY GAMEIFIED CLASS: A STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Thanks stefaniesanders, I joined Gamification‌ as well.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Ooo, ooo, ooo..................

Have you seen these,  @dewell_justin ?

Just discovered that last resource yesterday.


Hey @Stefanie , I dont think I have access to the guide that you shared in the comment section. It would be great if I can look at it and use it as a guide !


Thank you so much !

@hadihairi98 You bet! Here's a working link to the resource (and I'm fixing the one directly above as well):  MY GAMEIFIED CLASS: A STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Thanks a lot @Stefanie ! This is really helpful !