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Surveyor II

Integrating a 3D Virtual World Viewer Into Canvas

I just published an "open letter" to all OpenSimulator viewer developers in the Hypergrid Business e-magazine -- to request a downloadable viewer in a file form that can be readily integrated into a Canvas course site "Add App" panel (that requires the loading of a file type like "").  I currently use OpenSimulator learning simulations (created by me -- see examples of my Prisoners' Dilemma and Data Detectives Game simulations) in each online course I teach.  In turn, access to a viewer pre-loaded into each of my course sites would be a tremendous boost to my e-teaching!

I am curious if there are other faculty/administrators in the Canvas community that use 3D virtual world learning simulations in their e-teaching?

215761_Open Letter.JPG

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Learner II

We use two 3D Virtual World for our Museum Studies programs: NMNH Virtual Tour: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Service temporairement indisponible | Musée du Louvre | Paris .

Dr. John Boekenoogen
University of Oklahoma

Community Member

Very interested in this topic though I haven't directly incorporated it into my teaching. Have done several research projects using SL and Opensim, most recently this one. Looking forward to seeing some Canvas connections.

Joseph Clark

Florida State University

Surveyor II

Related to the topic of the integration of a 3D virtual world viewer into Canvas, see the post at: 

-- Kay McLennan