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Permissions and Campus Roles

What do you do in Canvas for people at your university who have a title like "Student Records Coordinator" and have asked to have access to an entire sub-account's gradebooks in Canvas?  Do you create a special role for them, give them a sub-account-admin level of access, or deny their request entirely?  If you create a special role, what does that look like?

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Hi @John_Lowe ‌,

We create them a special role and then enroll them into the specific sub-account that they need to be able to view the #gradebooks in. Based upon what they actually need to see depends on what permissions you would need to give them.  But from what you have said they would need the "View the list of courses", "See the list of users" and "View all grades" permissions.


Any FERPA or faculty privilege concerns since these are active course gradebooks and not officially submitted final grades?

 @John_Lowe ‌,

Without knowing exactly what Student Records Coordinator do and what their role is at your institution I can't really speak about any possible FERPA concerns there maybe.

Learner II

Because "View Only" doesn't (yet) exist and because of the "Add, Edit, Delete" combo on permissions roles like this are not easy to grant. You really don't want send them the "don't be dumb email" which equates to DON'T CLICK ON ANYTHING ESPECIALLY THE WORDS EDIT OR DELETE.

That said, I had to create a course role we named "DPT" (means department chair, head, provost, etc). It has highly restricted rights --I just counted, it has 8 course permissions. If I had to duplicate this for a sub-account I know it would need the "View the list of courses" permission.

The I would test it with a user to make sure it doesn't allow for anything I hadn't planned for.

Explorer III

Hi,  @John_Lowe , I've had requests like this come in to my office, and depending on the authority or knowledge (or harassment-capacity level) of the individual, I have usually gotten away with running a full export of the gradebook, accepting it from me as the necessary authority. I understand that sometimes they want to go in and poke and prod, but I resort back to Policies and Procedures to inform them that unless someone is 'certified' or completed an intro course in the LMS, I have the right to limit or deny access to any faculty or staff. You could see, of course, how this could look like a power-struggle, but usually I can get them what they want (faster and cleaner) and they'll simply play nice.

Learner II

We have created a google sheet that allows the user to enter the students SISID and it will pull grades and class name. I am looking to update it to pull Roll Call (Attendance) too.