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Hi all, last week I hosted a webinar at my institution where I showcased Padlet and demonstrated how to integrate Padlet boards into Canvas.  Feel free to check if out if you have never explored the platform. 

Technology Spotlight: Padlet - YouTube 

You can also visit the Canvas course I created for the webinar:

Canvas Padle Course 

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Yay, snufer‌: thank you for sharing this here! I'm going to go share at Twitter now also! 🙂


I wish I could just embed the video.  When I published the post, all the embed code got scrubbed.  By the way, I also did a microwebinar on Flipgrid last month that you might find interesting.

Integrating Flipgrid into Canvas - YouTube 

I changed my webinar formats at my institution so that instead of having two full blown webinars each month, I'll do one webinar and then a microwebinar that focuses on a specific technology.  Next month I'll go over Thinglink.  These are also sessions that I can replicate on CanvasLive - I've just been a bit busy the past few months.  

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I think it's great that you do this stuff, snufer‌! I still find the whole synchronous world kind of intimidating, ha ha. Like for CanInnovate, I really enjoyed getting to participate, but I'm thinking it is the digital trail I left behind (slideshow, resources, etc.) rather than the webinar itself that makes the difference. Especially since apparently my lousy Internet here resulted in some bandwidth woes, ha ha.

While at Twitter, I saw this FABULOUS series for Halloween: #ItsNotScaryItsCanvas ... GENIUS! I am going to share a couple of those with my students in tomorrow's announcements for sure! I don't know if is here at the Community... although it looks like he is: kudos on this fabulous Twitter project, Paul!

Click link for animated gif at Twitter: it's so cute! There's a whole series of these:

screenshot of tweet


Hi Laura.

Yep that's me. I even wrote a community post which explains more about why I did it and how I want to do more in the future. Also snufer‌ I was at your presentation over at InstructureCon. It was brilliant. Got a lot of wonderful tips that I've been using ever since, so cheers!

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snufer‌ thanks for reminding people about the marvel that padlet is. So many uses. I love it and embed it all the time to use in training sessions. It's a fab way to show yet more potential within Canvas, gets people involved and thinking.

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Hi Sean-

Question for you- snufer, When creating an assignment using Padlet, would you set it to "no submission," or "on Paper?"  Is there a way to use speedgrader with Padlet? 

Thanks in advance. 



How students submit would depend on the nature of the assignment. You could set the assignment to online submission and require that they submit the URL to their Padlet. Sometimes I have students share their Padlets via embedding in discussion posts. Both of these options would allow you to view the Padlets in speedgrader. Feel free to float other ideas.


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Just a heads up about potential security risks with Flipgrid and their disregard for working with institutions to meet the needs of their users in a safe and secure fashion.  They refuse to complete any standard cloud security review (i.e HECVAT) that almost every HED institution requires to install an LTI.  This concern has been shared with Instructure and IMS Global to no avail. I highly encourage Instructure to improve their partnership vetting process. Has anyone had any success with working with Padlet on a security review? Thanks! 

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