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Using rubrics for skills tests

I've read reference in several questions and discussions where several Canvas users are using rubrics to grade "skills test".  We are hoping to use rubrics to grade students as they complete certain tasks - grading their skill in those tasks.  Wondering if you could share how you do that?  If you don't associate a rubric to a quiz or assignment, how do you open that rubric in speedgrader?  Also, do you assign graders to sub-sections of students and do you do that per task?

Thank you for the insight - we are new to Canvas this AY.

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Navigator II‌, since you've also created this prompt in the Q & A‌ space (it's here: Utilizing rubrics for skills test ), we've locked this discussion to prevent parallel and possibly duplicative threads from developing. But don't worry: we've shared that discussion with this group so that they too will see it and be able to respond.