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the html editor in Canvas seems relatively limited.  Are there any features that can be enabled on the admin side or is there any way for users to gain better functionality?

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Wow, these years using the RCE, and I never noticed that little i. I tried this in Chrome on my Windows 7 machine, but got no response to the Alt-F9 command. I'll keep plugging away at it. Thanks!

I wonder if Canvas could make this action more obvious to users?, you could certainly submit a suggestion to Canvas Feature Ideas​ along those lines. I don't plan to, because I still can't get it to work on my machine. :smileyplain:

Are you clicking inside of the text area first and then using Alt+F9?  That is how I got it to work.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes. Smiley Sad When I try it through Firefox, it pulls up an email prepopulated with the link to the page on which I'm working. And when I try it on Chrome, nothing happens. I strongly suspect it's an issue with my particular hardware setup (or it could be chalked up to PEBCAK, if you know what I mean Smiley Wink). Thanks anyway for the help!

As far as I know, stefaniesanders​, the alternate menu/Alt-f9 option only works in Windows.  Again, as far as I know, it brings up drop down menus that have the same options as you get with the icons, which I assume is handy for a11y purposes.  Did I pack in enough caveats and disclaimers about not having tested any of this thoroughly?  Smiley Happy

Alt+F9 works for me, but nothing really happens with At+F10.  It just seems to sort of (but not really) highlight the B (bold) button at the top of the RCE.  Is that the "editor's toolbar" which is already "open"?

...the alternate menu/Alt-f9 option only works in Windows.

Sadly,​, not in my Windows. But I truly think it's PEBCAK. :smileysilly:

.... problem exists between cat and keyboard???

C = chair  :smileylaugh: