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Explorer III - Maybe next.year?

We've installed on our DEV server to test and I like what I see.

However, we were hesitate when we found that it doesn't work with Respondus LockDown browser for secure testing in our testing lab.

But, I think the biggest reason we aren't moving is because the quiz banks don't migrate over from the old quizzes to the new I think that there are just too many faculty who use quiz banks and that all the broken questions would be a huge problem.

Is anyone else waiting for these things to be fixed before moving to

Thanks for the input. I love the great communications we have here.

Leona 🙂

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Adventurer III

Hi  @lbarratt1 ‌ we aren't using it much at all either.  Other than I'm trying it in my own courses,  likewise hesitant to push it out as there are just too many thinks at this point.  Hopeful for the future.  

Sara Udelhofen 

Explorer II

We are waiting for better copying, shared question banks, and integrations with Proctorio and LDB.  I had heard that not all instructional roles had access, which would also be a deal-breaker for us.  I haven't looked at the current state in a while.

Learner II

We're starting to re-evaluate, but are planning on holding off for rolling this out to campus until integrations like Valerie mentioned are supported, and an end-of-life is announced for the current quiz tool ( has a chart for this).   

Quizzes.Next Feature Comparison is a handy page to refer to when looking at what quizzes.current and can do.  

Explorer II

Yes, quiz migration is a big part of why we are not moving forward at this point. We also use Respondus to import quizzes and tests into Canvas. I don't think that Quizzes Next supports this feature either.


The latest news I've seen is  @ebarrios ' reply here (in the middle of the page):


Is there any chance that this new quizzes system will allow for the option for students to be graded after each question submission, so that this feature can be used as a practice quiz/tutorial?  thank you.