10 second rewind & fast fwd


Just a suggestion/request: It would be super helpful and time saving if 10 second rewind and fast forward controls could be incorporated into the video playback monitor. Now I have to randomly click back and forth during lectures if I want to get near a certain spot; and it's more difficult if the playback is not full screen so I can see other documents on my laptop. Thanks so much!


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I agree about adding an incremental rewind button.  It would be extremely useful.


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Please, this would be invaluable.  When taking notes and the instructor tosses out a bunch of information quickly, it's sometimes necessary to pause, make notes, then go back a few seconds.  Other times it's necessary to hear the same bit several times over.

It would be handy in a browser, but in the Android app it's extremely difficult to scroll back just a few seconds.

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I need this desperately. What could be so effortless is now very frustrating when you quickly want to catch something you missed, because you have only the imprecise tool of clicking on the timeline which half of the times skips too far back or to the same location as you are.

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