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ADA Compliance and Quick Pick Colors

ADA Compliance and Quick Pick Colors

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Most of the Quick Pick Colors do not meet contrast requirements for ADA compliance when used on a white background. When I sent this in as a question to Canvas Support, I received this reply from Steve at Canvas Support:

"Currently, it looks like more than half of the quick-selection colors within the color picker do not meet those contrast requirements for a white background. Still, the RCE also allows for text highlighting, so between the two, every quick option in the text color-picker has at least one corresponding option in highlight color-picker so that the text meets background-contrast requirements. Additionally, while the default text/background colors meet requirements, even these can be altered for a whole institution using the theme editor at the root account."

I appreciate the work around, and can and do make suggestions as an Instructional Designer, but because there are ***a lot*** of faculty who want to spend as little time as possible programming their courses, I think it would benefit our students with visual acuity issues to modify the quick picker to have the order rearranged. To make my suggestion easier to follow, I've added a graphic that shows the quick pick numbered from top to bottom: 
Current Quick Pick ConfigurationCurrent Quick Pick Configuration


I propose moving the rows so they are 5, 3, 2, 1, 4:

Rearranged Color Quick PickRearranged Color Quick Pick


I think most faculty will pick from the top rows first, and look for the other colors only if they want to spend time working with the program.


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P.S. I forgot to add my Ticket Number: Case #07558494

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