Ability to Add a Rubric to an External Assignment AFTER it has been Assigned


Right now, we cannot add a Rubric to an External Tool Assignment (i.e. Google Cloud Assignment, Google LTI Assignment, or Turnitin.com) after it has been assigned. If students have already submitted, and I have not remembered to add a rubric, then I'm done for. I can't go back and "undo" and "redo" that feature just to add a rubric. Since rubrics are connected to Speed Grader, which is a Canvas feature and not an external tool itself, so I think we should be able to add a rubric after the fact. 🙂


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I have now seen over 5 years of posts with faculty requesting that Canvas add a feature that will allow the addition of a rubric after an assignment has already been set up with Turnitin or another external tool. WHEN WILL THIS FINALLY HAPPEN???

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I would like to see this feature!  It makes no sense to me that you can assign a rubric and then add turnitin but not assign the rubric after adding turnitin - when setting up the submission point, selecting turnitin is pretty much the first thing you do if you know you're going to be using it because you have to edit the dates in a particular way to work with turnitin.

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First let me  say that I 100% agree that this should be fixed.

I do want to share a workaround that has worked for me and for teachers in  my district.

After the external tool is added (and even if students have submitted -- I tried this with a Google Cloud Assignment), go back and Edit the Assignment and simply change it to any other native Canvas Assignment (text submission, or file upload, even no submission).   Save.  Then add the Rubric.  Then go back and add the external tool.  I found that student submissions repopulated --- again, this was with a Google Cloud  Assignment and worked just fine.  

It's probably scary to try it, especially after students submitted -- one worries that their submissions will be gone.   Maybe experiment and try it in a sandbox?  Or try in your real course with a "sample" assignment and ask one or two students to submit fake submissions?

I hope this helps!

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Greetings from 2022 - this is still needed!

Thanks for the suggestion @Hildi_Pardo - I will encourage faculty to try. I just tried it with a Voicethread assingment and was initially unsuccessful. I expect it varies based on the tool. And as an admin, I do not have access to the external tools (paid publisher tools) that a lot of my faculty use so I cannot realistically test this.

But even if this works - this is unacceptable. We are trying to get faculty to add rubrics to assignments for program/institutional assessment and it is already like herding cats. ANYTHING that makes the process more difficult (and this is by no means the only issue with outcomes/rubrics!) breaks the process

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