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Ability to Create a stand-alone module.

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Ability to Create a stand-alone module.

I would like to be able to create stand-alone modules.  That is, a module that does not link to the other modules via the Next button. Currently, if I have three modules, X, Y and Z,  each with five items, a user starts at module X, pages through the five items to the end of the module and gets a “Next” button which takes the user on to the next module Y, and cascades through all the modules in the course.  I want the user in module X to come to an endpoint at the last item in the X module.

I envision this to have the option to modify the “Next” button for the last item in a module.  The options would be select able and might include: “Next” what we have now and would remain the default; “Go to homepage’” and;  Go to a Canvas object (file or page, etc.) of my choosing using the right side content menu to link to the location.

I have many instances where I do not want users to go on to the next module because they have been directed to complete X module, not Y orZ.   I do not want to hide Y or X because other users may be directed to go to either Y module or Z module but not the others.

Learner II

Hi mnieckoski

You might be able to take advantage of the tricks described in developed by‌.

Let me know if this works for you!

Learner II


I will have to check this out...but not sure some of my staff feel as comfortable anytime the words "hacking" are involved. But I will check it out. Maybe it's doable. Thanks for sharing. 

Learner II

Download her procedure, copy it to a Word doc, and delete the word "Hacking". It's just a term some folks use to describe using a feature

 in a manner not originally intended, or extending what is considered its normal functionality.