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Ability to Moderate a Quizzes.Next Quiz Before a Student Accesses a Quiz

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Ability to Moderate a Quizzes.Next Quiz Before a Student Accesses a Quiz

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Feature Request: 

Provide the ability to moderate quizzes (specifically to add extended time) in Quizzes.NEXT without requiring the student to go to a Quizzes.Next quiz first.

Background Information

Currently, Quizzes.Next allows you to moderate quizzes for a student in a course AFTER a student has clicked on a Quizzes.Next quiz in a course. If a student has not clicked on a quiz in a course, the instructor is unable to moderate any Quizzes.Next quizzes for that student. This presents a significant regression from the current workflow available that allows us to proactively add extended time for students with disabilities who require that accommodations before the semester begins - or at least before the students takes the quiz.

On the plus side for Quizzes.Next has added a nice feature that allows you to extend time for a student for all the quizzes in that course, unfortunately we can't do that until a student first accesses a quiz.


I reached out to Instructure to ask how we can add those required accommodations for all students so their course experience can be accessible from day one of each semester. This is no longer possible and the current solution they recommended is: 

  1. Wait for each student to access the quiz and then go in and add the extended time OR
  2. Masquerade as each student in each class to access the quiz on their behalf to add them to the LTI tool so that the quiz can be moderated for each student.

At our university at least we have over 500 students in over 1,000 courses that require testing accommodations so the masquerading option doesn't feel like a workable solution.

Related Community Information 

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Community Member

Simply put, we will not be able to use Quizzes.Next at scale across our university until we have this capability. 



On Friday we made a big update to the Quizzes.Next User Group‌.  Would you take a look and fill out the prioritization activity?

And in even better news, we're pretty sure this idea is complete.  If I'm reading this correct it is related to Teachers unable to moderate students prior to quiz taking‌ in Canvas Labs‌, which Admins are able to see., take a look and let us know also!

Community Member

Thanks Renee! It is great to know that this has been addressed! I gave it a quick test in one of our courses on an upcoming exam, and it appears I have access to moderate for all of the course's students. 

I have also gone and completed the prioritization exercise. Thanks again!

Thanks so much‌, it does look like this has been fixed. Do you know if anything was mentioned in the release notes about this or if it was an under the hood change that was made? 


Looks like it was handled as a fixed bug.  It wasn't listed in the release notes that I can find.


Explorer II

I just tested this today. It works in Chrome but not Firefox. I updated the case (Case # 03850013) we have about this issue.