Ability to Save and Copy from Frequently Used Comments in Speedgrader/DocViewer

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-06-19).

We're aware that there are two parts to this idea. The "Speedgrader" piece of the request is complete; the idea remains open for DocViewer annotations comments.

It would be a great timesaver for writing instructors and anyone else making many of the same comments to students on assignments to save and store comments in SpeedGrader/Crocodoc DocViewer as one is able to do in Turnitin's Grademark feature. This feature would help SpeedGrader really live up to its name, too.


This has been a request since August 2012: Ability to Save and Copy from Frequently Used Comments in Crocodoc : Help Center

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If I'm reading this right, this has been a request since 2012! Any progress yet? Can't believe this hasn't been implemented yet.

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Why is this feature available in the rubrics but not the regular comments on speedgrader?

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I agree that this feature is long overdue.  Teachers need to have this feature enabled like 8 years ago when it was first introduced.  My teachers are calling for this feature all the time.  It would make their job easier.

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To add to this 8-year-old discussion:
When a comment is added to a performance scale rubric, that comment can't be saved for later use. This is possible for rubrics with points, but not with levels. Expanding the comment-saving capability would be a great time saver for our teachers, and up the quality of their feedback with multiple iterations. Anyway we can expand this functionality?

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Yes! The feedback features are all so sweet...looking, but working with them is so clumsy, especially the highlighter, which has the most potential, but is often awful to deal with. Anyway, having saved comments would really help. 

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This is still so needed, I'm surprised it doesn't exist yet! I shouldn't have to have a completely separate program open--my own spreadsheet--with comments I've already saved when we could have this information in Canvas itself. 

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This would be a huge win!


This is a highly requested feature and has been for over 5 years now.  What's the status of it?


We have the ability to save comments in a free form rubric than can be re-used within the same or duplicated assignments - why not just extend that to rubrics in general?  They are clearly already being stored somewhere and is functionally possible.

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this would save hundreds of cliks/hours/$$....

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Seems like if it's been a feature request for over 5 years that they're not monitoring this.  Clicks = time = money.  Teachers have too little of both.  Teachers need all the help they can get.  

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As someone who struggles with the amount of grading I have to do, this feature would make my life so much better. Please, please add it!

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There are a number of comments that one finds oneself typing over and over again.  It would be helpful if we could have some kind of comment bank that teacher could create of comments they frequently use that is accessible in all annotation settings whether using text, block, pointer, etc.   This way you drag from  the comment bank to the section that needs the comment and the docviewer will then enter it with the type of annotation that has been in use.

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Yes, please.

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Allow teachers to pre-write some comments/feedback templates for students. That way if students submit work that requires similar feedback (they both missed the same questions or did great on the same areas), then the teacher can just click a drop-down to the pre-written feedback template (and then adjust it as necessary for each student). That way they don't have to retype similar feedback every time. The teachers will be saving time and be able to give more descriptive feedback to each student (because it'll be faster to give detailed feedback that is personal to each student's work). 

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Please do this.  Right now Canvas gradebook and Speedgrader are not nearly as functional as they could be, and I may just stop using them.

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I realize that at this point, many of these comments seem rather pointless, but if possible, could we also streamline the process for suggesting features? Thinking more of a reddit style upvoting to result in a faster process?

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The need for a comment bank still exists in 2021, just like it did back in 2015 when this thread started. I"ll have to go back to using Google Classroom because it does have a comment bank feature!!

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If I read correctly that this request originally occurred in 2012, before the 2015 comments, then the tenth anniversary of this request is coming up next year. As noted above this is a feature now found in Google Assignments - both in Google Classroom and in Google Assignments when accessed from Canvas via Google LTI 1.3. I do not see a way to upvote this request except to comment. I do wish Khoros had more the capabilities of Discourse in handling feature requests with community voting capabilities.

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Yes Please!!