Ability to change Group Assignment Settings after Submission


The ability to change the group settings after students submit is a necessary change.  Having to create a whole new assignment to change this setting is a huge design flaw and needs to be amended.

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It would be great to have the ability to change group settings after a submission (switch from an individual project to a group project).  I occasionally forget to select "group assignment" and after one assignment is submitted, there is no way to change it without completely deleting the whole assignment and starting from scratch.  

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I think I am going to start posting issues as Canvas problems instead of Canvas features because nothing ever seems to change with features.  But here I go anyway:

Why must I set an assignment as a group assignment before any submissions are made?  That is, once a student makes a submission, I can no longer make the assignment a group assignment.  Do Canvas designers realize that sometimes assignments can change quickly?  Maybe upon discussion with a class the instructor feels that allowing students to work in groups would present a positive learning experience.  Or maybe I simply forgot to set the assignment as a group because I am unfamiliar with using the group setting?  But if a student already submitted an assignment, then that option would be taken away forcing the instructor to assign grades manually to group members who did not submit.  Not a big deal if the course is small, but extremely inconvenient when class is large.  

Add this to the list of "features" that Canvas refuses to address such as giving faculty the option to publish all or or part of a module, and Canvas "accepting" the late submission as the grade when more than one attempt allowed. 

Canvas reps: Please see these numerous feature requests as problems that need corrected, not as suggestions of improvements.

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We need to be able to change groups even after students submit work. My students formed groups for a project that lasted several weeks. As they were working, kids would be absent, or not get along and the groups needed to be shuffled around. I love that we can use the group feature, but I also need to be able to move kids around as needed. 

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I want to second/third/fourth/nth the voices calling for the ability to change group settings after a submission has been received.  The ONLY restriction that makes even a modicum of sense is restricting a move from group to individual.  Any other change (from individual to group, reshuffling of groups) should be allowed.  This is a serious shortcoming.  

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I now have to delete and re-create a group assignment because one student, who was in a group, submitted something for grading while not every student in the course had joined a group. That makes the grading per-student, despite the assignment being configured as a group assignment (with the correct group set) and the submitting student having been part of a group. I've been told by Level 1 support that there's no way to fix this, which is absolutely ridiculous. I have 150 students, working in groups of up to 4 people. It would be bad enough if it were easy to match one student in a group with the other group members, but I can't. I have to go to that student's profile, find their group for my course, and then view the group's membership. That makes it an extremely time-consuming process to enter grades. The other option is to maintain an external file where I enter grades for students individually when they submit, then fetch the groups by API, generate a new CSV file programmatically, and upload that. Each time I'm grading a submission.

How is the process of grading group assignments this bad?

In case anyone from Instructure is actually reading this, it's Case #09295509.

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