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Ability to change a users role without deleting the user

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Ability to change a users role without deleting the user

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Currently, to change a users role on a course, the user has to be deleted and added back in.  This results in additional, unnecessary invitations to the course.  It would be great if we could simply change or add roles to the user without deleting.


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Community Member

Yes, please....


This is absolutely something we would love to have! So very very inefficient to have to delete someone from a course just to change their role in the course.


Maybe this would be even more efficient if Admins were able to do this at the Account level?  For example, search for a student/instructor name, go to the user's profile, and then see a listing of the courses the user is registered for (this part currently exists).  The addition would be to have some kind of drop-down list next to each course for the user so that we could easily change roles for multiple courses all at one time.

EDIT: Here is what our Admin pages of Pearson eCollege's LearningStudio looks like that allows us to do what I describe.



That would probably work... Yet, it doesn't fit into how Canvas does things right now so I'm not sure which would be easier to implement. Honestly I don't care which way we needed to do it as long as we had the ability! 🙂

Learner II


Thank you for taking the time to submit to the feature ideas forum.

I just now updated your idea submission to the queue that will open for vote on June 3rd.



Community Member

Great idea. I will vote early and often for this change.

Learner II

Once is plenty, Deactivated user​!   Smiley Happy

Community Member

Great idea! I'm excited for voting to begin next month for this!

Community Member

Problem with this is it puts more work on Admins, whilst I think it could work I would rather have it at a course level feature

Community Member

This would be a good idea and should be at a course level I think