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Ability to download and save all feedback in Speedgrader not just annotated work in DocViewer [Crocodoc]

Ability to download and save all feedback in Speedgrader not just annotated work in DocViewer [Crocodoc]

A number of institutional courses are accredited through external bodies who require samples and evidence of students work that has been marked, displays the grade and feedback. 

The current scenario of only being able to download annotated work through DocViewer [Crocodoc] is not sufficient and excludes any feedback provided through the ability to use comments. The workaround of having to take screenshots and copying and pasting this evidence is particularly cumbersome. There must surely be other institutions that have to comply with these regulatory frameworks. 

There is also the additional benefit of students being able to download and retain copies of their work which has been annotated, graded and provides feedback which can be saved to a location outside of the VLE.  

Navigator, this is a compelling idea -- especially how you articulated that exported annotations need to fit together with standard SpeedGrader assignments comments somehow, both for institutional analysis and for student takeaways. I'd argue rubric assessments are another type of feedback which should be included.

Canvas Studio‌ has some norms around feature ideas needing to be self-contained and not "kitchen sink" ideas. After taking a quick look around, I'll posit that what's self-contained about this idea is the notion that different feedback types/channels need to fit together coherently when exported. It's possible others may disagree.

Here are related ideas which may intersect with yours, but which aren't exactly the same. To build momentum in voting - as well as to share yoru take on institutional needs and student needs for exporting or archiving -- consider commenting on these ideas which are currently in Product Radar

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Thank you for responding as your feedback is really useful. I had searched for similar queries but didn’t stumble across any of the links you have pointed me towards.

Much appreciated.




Hi Kate

I don't know if it's possible to amend the title of a feature once it's live, but it might be good to update this to remove the  "not just annotated work in Crocodoc" element now that Crocodoc has been superseded by DocViewer - it may lead people to not view/vote if they think the idea has become outdated.

There is a separate feature in progress to reinstate the original annotation download functionality:" modifiedtitle="tr..., but this only serves to take download capabilities back to their previous state and not build on them as per your idea here.

SpeedGrader has such a rich suite of feedback tools, and I'd be surprised if student demand to be able to collate all types of feedback outside of the VLE is a new thing (across the sector/pond?). Hope to hear more from the community on this one!



Community Team
Community Team

Done. Smiley Happy


Yay nice one Stephanie!    Smiley Happy

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'stumble across' exactly equates to my experience of searching for related ideas and questions in the Canvas community!

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This function is vital and must be prioritised.  It will also help for parents to be able to be better informed on their child's learning.