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Ability to move through all assignments for one student in speedgrader

Ability to move through all assignments for one student in speedgrader

As I am looking at the speedgrader assignments, one feature that would be great would be that instead of per assignment, moving from student to student, but by student, moving from assignment to assignment. I am probably not the only one who has thought of a need to pick one student and then review their first assignment, second, third, etc. as teachers do that sometimes when they have to create a final grade. Right now, I have to back up each time to speedgrader to pick the next assignment and reopen speedgrader again.
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I would like to be able to click on a student and easily click through an check their work submissions. 

(ex: a student has 3 assignments they submitted. I want to click through that student and  grade/return all the papers. I do not want to to have to go back to each assignment, find the student, open the assignment, grade it, and then repeat.)

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I vote a 1000 times yes! We need this feature!

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Currently, we can use speedgrader to grade one assignment at a time. Is there a way to "speedgrade" by student. So I would like to click on a student and be able to click through all those student's assignments. 

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I want to vote for this one, but I click on the gray stars, they turn yellow for a moment and then they go back to gray and I have no idea if my vote was saved. I VOTE FOR THIS. This is such an obvious time saving feature!!

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As a composition teacher, this would be very helpful. When I grade on paper I am able to quickly flip through the student’s entire portfolio from brainstorming to final draft and see their progression. In Canvas, that’s impossible unless I want to spend a really long time on each student. I think this feature is necessary for composition teachers. 

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Yes please. Especially the end of the semester sometimes I need to go through one student's assignments. 

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There are times when I provide 2 or more exercises that are intimately related and it would be much better to grade them in a row for one student at a time in Speed Grader, rather than be forced to go tot he new student or exit and renter for the next exercise.

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I love the ability to click through students, one at a time within one assignment, in Speed Grader with the simple use of an arrow.  This allows me to stick with one assignment and advance to the next student.

However, sometimes I want to select a student in Speed Grader and advance through all assignments for just that student.   It's not possible now to stick with one student and advance to the next assignment. 

It would be a big time saver for me to implement this feature.  As it is, I have to exit Speed Grader to change the assignment.   And then I have to re-locate the student I'm working with. 

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Community Team

A colleague just inquired about this feature, and it would definitely be helpful! I see this being a great feature, especially at academic checkpoints or end of term. 

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In SpeedGrader, have an option to go to "Next Assignment" instead of only to next student, for when a student submits multiple late assignments, I don't have to go back to the main grade book every single time.  

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I am am High school teacher.  I would love to be able to enter the grades by student.  So if I click on the student and want to enter their grades then I need to click on the assignment and then go back to that student and then click on the next assignment.  I would love to be able to click on a student and then enter all the grades for the assignments for that student on that one page.   This would be very helpful for students that are absent and then I must enter multiple assignments rather than going through the entire gradebook.

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Yes!  Frustrating the way it is for students who submit several assignments at once.

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Did this ever happen? I have all the grading done for a class except for one student who had to turn in almost everything late and this would be a lifesaver 🙂 

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I would love to see a grading option in speed grader that would allow for instructors to move between assignments without having to exit to the gradebook page.  Speed grader would be a lot speedier if I didn't have to exit back to the gradebook after each assignment is graded.  This would be particularly helpful for grading late assignments from a single student.  

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Currently speedgrader moves down an assignment column.  It would be helpful if there was also an option to move across a student.  It would be a real time saver when a student turns in make up work.  If a teacher could move across a student, we wouldn't have to go into each assignment separately.   Currently we have to open the first assignment, give a grade, go back to the gradebook, open the next assignment, give a grade, go back to the gradebook....if we could move across the student we would just be able to arrow over rather than go back to the gradebook between each grade.  This can be quite annoying when a kid turns in a week's worth of work from being out on quarantine.  

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I want this feature every time report card grades are due and one student turns in 20 assignments at once!  I did notice this feature in the side menu with the statuses that appears from the gradebook.  It appeared right under the student list.  It would be awesome if this were also available in Speedgrader!

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I've tried the "workaround" suggested in this thread but I guess I'm too dense to figure out how to make it work. Anyone?

This is such a drag to not have this functionality as it adds about 10 extra clicks every time I'm working through grading. It's SUPER annoying.

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It would be time saving to be able to navigate to other assignments for a single student.  Currently you have to go back to the grade book and scroll to the desired assignment then enter SpeedGrader again.  You can navigate between students for a single assignment, why not be able to navigate between assignments for a single student?

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Agreed. This is something I used to do all the time when we used Blackboard.