Ability to preview MATHJAX


Thank you for finally fixing MathJax option in CANVAS. 

The new idea is to be able to see the entered equation in its visual form by hovering over it.  Currently, the equation has to be in a quiz, and then the quiz has to be previewed to see if the equation has been rendered as expected. 

If the equation is in a question bank, that is even more cumbersome as the question in the bank has to be first put in a quiz first.  Take a cue from R-markdown which has this feature.

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Totally agree with this, if making banks of questions, it's a little dangerous to not be able to systematically check that the questions render correctly.

It is also now essential to have a "Preview" button for quiz essay type submissions so that if students use LaTeX notation, they can check to see if they have got the syntax correct before hitting the submit button,

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Great point with student aspect of the issue. 

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