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Access to SpeedGrader from home

Access to SpeedGrader from home

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From the home page/module view, instructors should be able to access SpeedGrader directly in the 3-dot menu for each assignment.

Currently, to access SpeedGrader of an assignment, I have to click on the assignment to open the assignment page, and then click on the SpeedGrader link in the right column. Worse, if it were a discussion, then I have to click on the 3-dot menu on that discussion’s individual page to reveal the SpeedGrader link.

Why am I not clicking on my To Do items to open SpeedGrader directly? Two use cases:

  1. A student submitted their initial discussion. I've graded it, and asked for a resubmission. They resubmit — but Canvas won‘t flag additional posts for a graded student in the To Do list.
  2. Discussion B relies on previous posts from Discussion A. It is immensely quicker and cleaner to view a specific student’s post in Discussion A via the SpeedGrader.
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Community Team
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Community Member

Love the recent addition for the "Build" option when using the 3 dots on the quiz/assignbment/module list.  Now can Speedgrader" be added as an option for assignments and quizzes when using those same navigation 3 dots so not to  always have to go through the grades or into the assignment itself to access Speedgrader?