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Accurate Breadcrumb Trail in Modules

Accurate Breadcrumb Trail in Modules


It would be great if the breadcrumb trail would follow your navigation correctly when you are working in modules rather than switching to "page", "discussions", "assignments" or whatever you click on. Would it be possible to add a "modules" breadcrumb?

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It is somewhat cumbersome to move within Canvas. A linear menu should ALWAYS appear to pop back.

For example, you are on a page of a submodule. It should appear at the top.


so that when you press, for example, module, you go to it.

At this time it only returns if you are watching a video.



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Considering this thread is almost 7 years old, it's obvious that this issue is not going to get fixed but I came here specifically to request this "feature." As a first time Canvas user (student), this is the most frustrating part of the system. When I've clicked into a module and then to an assignment, I'd like to be able to go backward along the same path that I took to get to the assignment, not whatever hierarchy is currently in use. Instead, I am constantly having to go back to the 'home' page for a class and then click back through to whatever section I need to access again.

I think this is a case of the developers not being end users and having to live with this UX choice.

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The breadcrumb trail needs to accurately root back to where you came from rather than swapping between areas.

Also it shouldn't show areas that have been hidden. For example when I click quiz 1 from module the trail should show Modules > Quiz 1 NOT Quizzes > Quiz 1, as quizzes is hidden from my students.

Additionally, the breadcrumb trail should be ALWAYS visible while in a course. Not disappear in some areas such a gradebook or New quizzes build

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I agree. One of the biggest drawbacks about Canvas is that once a student clicks on an item in the module, they lose any context of where they were.  The breadcrumb trail should be there as a minimum. There should be a Table of Contents visible without clicking the back button to get back to the module or going Modules and trying to remember.    Perhaps a Table of contents could show/hide in a side bar or overlay. The table of contents should show what item the student is currently on and allow them to navigate right from within there.


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I would find it helpful if there were an addition to the breadcrumbs at the top of the browser version of Canvas so I could go from a specific assignment back to the module it is housed in instead of having to click on Modules and then scroll back to the one in question.  

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This thread originally came up in 2015, it's now 2022.

Can we get some kind of response from Canvas about their intentions here?