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Adapt closed captions font size in Studio

Adapt closed captions font size in Studio

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Idea is currently in development

I'm a Transcription Co-ordinator. We support print-disabled students by providing them with alternative formats of course materials. We've been contacted by a visually impaired student who is having trouble with the captions on Studio. The student has some vision but is a large print user. Although I can see on Studio that it's possible to download the captions and to make adjustments in Word, this isn't practical for the student.

The Canvas Help Team got back to me really quickly to say they were not able to find any kind of setting that can be changed to enlarge the closed captions within Studio. (This is a feature on 'Panopto' video platform.)

The ability to adapt and enlarge the closed captions in Studio will benefit users who are visually impaired/print disabled and a range of other users.

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I am in favor of this suggestion with additions:

I would like to see multiple options for modifying the closed captions. Enlarge font size AND allow the user to change location (top, bottom, left, or right). The fixed location at the top often covers important information in the video.

Our school district's assistive technology department would greatly appreciate these enhancements. 

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Yes! Making the caption size bigger would be helpful for students (and teachers who have "more seasoned" vision. 


Hi @dangruman@NSteele1@asprouse.

I wanted to let you all know that we'll address the question of captioning experience in Studio soon. Positioning, font size, editing and a lot more also from a student standpoint as well, so we created a survey around this to explore the needs.  

We would be really grateful if you could take the time to fill it! Since captioning is crucial from video consumption point of view, we would be thrilled if this survey was filled out by students as well who are spending time watching lecture videos, submitting video-based assignments and so on. That would gives us the whole picture when it comes to video consumption and creation.  

Link to survey:

Thank you,


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Community Team
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Please see the Canvas Roadmap for more details!