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Add/Edit Email Addresses in Canvas Catalog Analytics

Add/Edit Email Addresses in Canvas Catalog Analytics


Hi everyone,

It has come to our attention that even though a student has a university user ID they might not have identified a default email address in their Canvas profile. If a student does not have a default email address set up in their Canvas profile the CSV analytics enrollments report does not have an email address next to the student's name. Please see the blanks in the screenshot below.


We would like the option to be able to edit a student's enrollment besides just for our own records in the CSV.

A great place would be in between Student and Listing and to add a column for an email address so we know the email address the student registered with that coincides with their university user ID.


Currently, we need to tell our students to log in to Canvas and follow these instructions to be able to add a default email to their Canvas profile before they can enroll in a course in Catalog:

How do I add contact methods to receive Canvas notifications as a student? 

How do I change my default email address in my user account as a student? 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @jsowalsk ,

I wanted to ask a few questions to help make sure I understand your idea correctly. How are you provisioning students into Canvas  and Canvas Catalog, is this via something automated into Canvas, and then hence they automatically have an account created in Canvas? Specifically, I am also curious how the email addresses are populated for students within Canvas at the time of account creation.

May I also ask, what is the use case for your students coming into Canvas Catalog. For example do they have standard courses they do within Canvas, and the listings in Canvas Catalog are for extra credit/extra curricular type courses? Or possibly are enrolments for all your courses driven through Catalog?

Following that, I am wondering more about what you would like to edit, for example will you add the student email address in yourselves as you have the email address from another source?

I am wondering as my initial thought would be that the email addresses can be managed within Canvas itself, you could potentially use the SIS export report on the Account Reports Page ( ) which would provide you the listing with the corresponding emails (similar to the report you provided a screenshot of above), then (provided you have the emails via another source) you could update them using the SIS import function within Canvas enmasse, or go to each of the user records one-by-one to update them.

Would love to help you flesh this idea out further, and find out a little more about the specific use case for managing the contact details within Catalog, as opposed to Canvas.



Community Advocate
Community Advocate

HI Stuart,

Students self-enroll themselves into Catalog. Their emails are either associated with their current UMD profile or if they don't have a UMD account then their gmail account for example. We would add the student email address after asking the student for their email or have the student update their profile in Canvas and we grab their email address from there. Their names show up in the in SIS Export but not their emails since they have not added their email to their profile.

Hope this makes sense.