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Add Edulastic

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Add Edulastic

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

As an ELA sixth-grade teacher, I try to mimic my assessments to the CAASPP.  This means including features such as "drag and drop", "matching", "select a sentence from a paragraph", "matching tables" and "classification" tools (among others).  Edulastic is a wonderful (free) resource that allows all of this and more.  I would love to see  the full integration of Edulastic into Canvas.  

ELA Enhanced Assessment Tool Options on Edulastic

Comments from Instructure

For more information, please read through How does Edulastic integrate with Canvas? – Edulastic Knowledge Base 

Navigator II

Thank you for sharing this idea for a partner integration,‌. Please know that we removed the "...or more options for quizzes" verbiage from the title and idea description so that a focused idea for an integration with Edulastic can be considered by our members. Searching the Canvas Studio‌ for existing requests for new question options in Quizzes.Next is the best way to support "more options." Indeed, a few of the options you've mentioned—categorization and matching, for example—are already available in Quizzes.Next (How do I create a Matching question in Quizzes.Next? and How do I create a Categorization question in Quizzes.Next?). A multi-part question can be created using a stimulus (How do I insert stimulus content in Quizzes.Next?).

Also, while this idea moves forward for consideration as a partner integration, we wonder: Have you reached out to Edulastic directly to gauge their interest in developing such an integration? While we can vote on the idea, implementing it will require Edulastic's willingness to devote resources to it.

Community Member

I agree  with Jennifer. I use Edulastic for math formative assessments at least 3 times per week.  It is the closest thing I have found to actually help prepare my students for the CAASPP, as well.

Community Member

Yes, please! Edulastic is the software system I use most frequently for testing as it helps students learn the different types of questions and question formats on the CAASPP. 

Learner II

I am always intrigued by assessment platforms that offer some more interesting question-types. While looking at their site, I noticed that they seem to already have a way of integrating with Canvas:

I couldn't find any information on how to install the LTI in Canvas and they don't appear to have an entry in the EduAppCenter, so I'm going to guess that the Canvas integration is a premium feature.

Community Member

Hi Stefanie. We are a paid Edulastic district subscriber and they have told us that grades do in fact pass back to Canvas. Is this a mistake on their end or have they set it so that this integration works now--do you know? 

Navigator II

Let me do some checking,‌. I see you've also posted a similar question in the Edulastic and Canvas Conversation so I've linked to that discussion to close the loop.

Navigator II‌, I've just received confirmation from our Partnerships Team that this integration now exists and it does include grade pass back. We'll mark the idea as complete. Thanks for the nudge!

Navigator II Thank You for submitting this idea, and Thank You Thank You Thank You ‌ for your contributions. Your investment in this idea helped refine a feature which is now part of Canvas!