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Add In-Line File Preview to ePortfolios

Add In-Line File Preview to ePortfolios


I would like for there to be a way for users to view the uploaded files in ePortfolio pages with the in-line file preview option rather than having to download the file. 

In our county, students create ePortfolios for their Senior Capstone Project.  These portfolios are viewed by students, teachers, and community judges.  Each portfolio has a minimum of seven files.  Judges often view twelve or more ePortfolios at a time.  It would be preferable for judges to not have to download this many files to their personal devices.  Embed codes do not work using Office365 files in the ePortfolio section. 

In-line file preview within ePortfolios would also enable users to create a more polished and professional portfolio that would best represent the achievements of the students in our county as well as your product.  See picture below of a sample Canvas ePortfolio with "click here to download" message versus the picture of a GoogleSite.

Students at the k-12 or university level would benefit from this feature in sending visually appealing public ePortfolios to higher academic institutions and/or prospective employers. 



Community Member

Would love to see this happen--the ability for file preview is something that would help many of our students and faculty.

Community Member

I would love to see this happen! It would be extremely helpful.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

We are not using Portfolios yet, and limitations like these hold me back from offering training.   Would like to know the feature is easy, efficient (like having preview), and robust before promoting the tool and training...