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Add Item Bank sort, add field, and export functions

Add Item Bank sort, add field, and export functions

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My role is as a course director and examiner of medical sciences courses.

The recent move from old to new quiz formats came with a switch from a discrete question bank to item banks that can only be accessed by building or editing a quiz. This makes management of the whole item bank, for example for purposes of auditing, item performance monitoring, standard setting, very difficult to achieve individually and impossible when working in a team.

Please therefore reinstate functions that allow users to organise large Item Banks directly and to append additional fields to the default fields (suich as Angoff scores, question performance statistics).

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Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, consider adding your support to a similar idea related to the navigation pathway to item banks:  New Quizzes: Item Banks to show up in navigation m... 

Also, the product manager overseeing the development of New Quizzes has been actively engaging with our members to hear their opinions about New Quizzes and to get recommendations for prioritization. That is the best place to get your voice heard, so we hope you'll add your voice to those conversations. Here are her recent blog posts:

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