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Add Multiple Rubrics to One Assignment

Add Multiple Rubrics to One Assignment


At our college, faculty would like the ability to attach more than one rubric to an assignment. This is especially the case when importing account level outcomes / rubrics.

Originally posted by Tony Anderson on the old community: Add Multiple Rubrics to One Assignment : Help Center 


Ideally, it would be great if there was an option to make the second rubric hidden from students. This feature would be quite valuable for us institutionally, when incrementally assessing learning outcomes in our GenEd program over a four-year period.


Sam McCool articulated this nicely on the old community board:

This feature would then enable an instructor to award a grade for an assignment based on a course level rubric aligned with the course outcomes as well as record an evaluation of the performance based on a program outcomes rubric. 

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With project based-choice learning it would be amazing to have the ability to assign more than one rubric to an assignment.  That may have to mean that grading cannot be directly from the rubric, or that we have to chose (like a drop down or something) a rubric that is going to be used, but to have them all built in would be amazing.  There are lots of us who assign choice learning, and without the ability to put all the rubrics in we are not properly helping students in the most efficient manner! I hope this goes through quickly!

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This would be ideal for marking against competencies that are grouped. Then canvas talks to your reporting system so that you can report against competencies and not mark traditionally.

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This would be important to me too. For example, in a writing class, the can choose to write an argumentative essay or an expository essay. They can choose which one but I would need a separate rubric for each.

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Our university has just piloted the use of Canvas Outcomes to assess and track our General Education program outcomes.  This is a university wide program, so tracking the outcomes at a campus level via Canvas is proving to be extremely beneficial.  After seeing how the faculty have set up and assessed assignments, it has become even more evident that a second rubric would be a perfect solution and even reduce the amount of work.  Additionally (for both one or multiple rubrics), we have faculty who do not want the Gen Ed outcome assessment visible to students; a hide feature on a rubric would be ideal.  Although, I personally like the idea of transparency in the use of rubrics and assessing, I can understand the need to sometimes use these for administrative purposes, so a hide option would be nice.

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So I see this is on the product radar for almost 4 years now, but still seems to be a lot of interest.

I upvoted the idea, because I see the usefulness, especially for peer review and instructor review.

I got here however, because I thought of this as a workaround to a simpler need that I have: more flexibility within the rubric itself.

- create groupings of criteria, and/or

- be able to put non scoring breaks or headers, and/or

- have simple text formatting options within the description to bold/underline/increase font size of some of the text.

Thank you.

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This is certainly a feature I'd like to see added. 

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I need this feature to be able to assess College Learning Outcome (AAC&U Rubric) and Course Outcomes (Assignment Rubric).

Currently, we are manually adding AAC&U criteria to an assignment rubric which is tedious. 

Also, if anyone knows how to have the course assignment criteria graded, and the AAC&U scored, not visible to the student or graded on the same rubric, this would be a workaround.  I can't seem to find the answer. 



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Wow! A 5 year thread and still no resolve. Does this mean that we are not to expect this change? It is clearly a need that many teachers have. How can I up-vote this a million times? Yes, please add the option for multiple rubrics or multiple grades to be assigned to the same assignment. 

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So I am guessing this means it never was created. I use a rubric for discussion boards but students are placed in two roles: posters or responders for that given forum (they alternate roles with each module). While both receive up to 10 points, obviously the criteria is different dependent on role. I am relatively new to Canvas so if someone reads this and has some suggestion for a workaround I would appreciate it as I am about to grade my first round of posts/responses for this course. 


Thanks in advance. 

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This would be useful in some of my projects where I use one rubric as a checklist for student progress and a second for actual grading. The project consists of several components with their own grades, and becomes unwieldy to manage with a single rubric.

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@chaldeat , we'd like to do something like this at my institution. Do you mind sharing how your pilot went? what steps you took? 

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I'm an instructor for Secondary ENGL. In order to achieve differentiation, students must select one of 5 project options given as an assignment. Each project option is vastly different; therefore, it requires a different rubric for each. Unfortunately, I can only attach one rubric to the assignment which has five different options. Creating 5 different assignments with only one required submission is too confusing for hybrid instruction.  I would like to attach multiple rubrics to one assignment or be able to select individual rubrics from Speed Grader.  

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Like others, I would also like to be able to use different rubrics to assess variations of an assignment. As @CNHall1212 says, multiple assignments with only one required submission is confusing -- no matter the modality! Depending on how an instructor has structured their course, multiple assignments could make it impossible for the gradebook to accurately calculate a student's overall grade.

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I would also like to see this implemented. It would simplify the gradebook and reduce student confusion due to multiple assignment links (and save instructors time hunting for the correct assignment and, since we also still cannot upload on behalf of a student, trying to coral students into re-submitting their work).


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I would like a second rubric when an assignment has a choice.  If they complete it solo, I'll grade 2 questions.  If they complete it with a partner, I'll grade 3 questions and allocate the same amount of points slightly differently, hence the need for two rubrics.

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This seems like such an obvious change, I'm surprised that no movement has happened on it yet.

This would be huge for peer review, as other posters have mentioned, so that peer reviews could grade on one rubric while instructors grade another (more detailed) one.

But the game-changer for me, would be for those assignments where my students have either multiple components to an assignment or multiple options to complete a project. Being able to use multiple rubrics would make this process so much easier and less confusing on students and faculty alike.

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We also need the ability for multiple rubrics for our health courses. When students do clinicals they have multiple areas they need addressed.

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I just ran into a situation where I'd love the ability to add 2 rubrics to an assignment.  I have a project update that quite a few students did not do well on and I'd like to have 1 rubric to grade (this is complete, incomplete, missing) and one to provide feedback (if I were grading this, here's where you'd fit right now), with comments for improvement.  If I were teaching in person, it would be simple to scrap my idea of grading based on quality and just provide feedback on improvement for the major project, but on Canvas it's not so simple unless I do the feedback rubric in a document and upload one for each student. For a 50-student class, that's a lot of work.

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This would be very helpful.  Please implement this.