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Add/Remove Admins from Subaccounts at the Root

Add/Remove Admins from Subaccounts at the Root


We would like the ability to add or remove admins from subaccounts at the root level.


Adam SmithCollege of EducationAccount AdminAdd    Remove
Joe SmithSchool of Public HealthAccount AdminAdd    Remove

First, you type the individual's name, choose subaccount, and choose an admin role.


Then, dialog text will appear confirming the add or delete of the admin role.

Finally, select the "OK Looks Good, Add this X User" button.

This will be instead of going into each subaccount to check whether an admin is in there or pulling an admin report.

Community Member

We have the same admin in multiple subaccounts, so it will need to allow a selection from a list of subaccounts in which the individual is set as an admin.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Exactly. That is what we are hoping for.