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Add Student Notification Options for Catalog

Add Student Notification Options for Catalog

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We offer "self-paced" courses through Canvas Catalog.  This means that enrollment is continuous and the course is automated.  Every student has a different set of dates for their section, depending on when they enroll and what the time limit is for the listing.  Many of our students enroll in the course, but forget to complete it by the end date.  It would be so helpful if Catalog could be set to automatically send each student a notification a week or so before their end date.   It would say "Hello there, This is a friendly reminder that your time limit for the ___(name of listing) course will expire on ____ (end date).

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
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This would be amazing, we have the same issue and they often don't realize until they try to go into the course after the course has already expired. 

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This feature would be very helpful for my course as well.  A simple reminder that the course is about to expire. This would be very helpful both the instructors and the students.  It's very disappointing to tell someone they have to pay and start the course all over again.

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This would be a very useful feature for our institution as well. 

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This would be incredibly helpful!


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This is a great idea, and would love the ability to notify students that their certificate has expired(compliance).