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Add Visibility Icon to Course Navigation Menu Links that are Instructor-View Only

Add Visibility Icon to Course Navigation Menu Links that are Instructor-View Only

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When enabled, Rubrics, Item Banks, Attendance, and New Analytics are visible to faculty, but not to students. Since the visibility icon is supposed to indicated what elements are not visible to students, add that icon to enabled links that are still not visible to students. This will allow folks to put navigation links in the order that best suits them as the instructor, while still clarifying what students can and cannot see.

I've recently dealt with a faculty member who was trying to share a rubric with her class via Rubrics (not associated with a specific assignment) and also a faculty member who couldn't understand why her students could not see their Attendance.

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Community Team
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This sounds like a great idea to me also.  More consistency is always a good thing.

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Yes, I agree.  I've noticed this in testing with New Analytics and Item Banks, and I think the missing Hidden icon on them should be treated as a bug.

The affected tools have been designed as LTI tools, which I suspect is related to the problem.  That said, I think any tools created by Instructure/Canvas should not behave as external tools; they should be better integrated into the system.

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Canvas Studio is another tool that does not properly indicate to instructors its state of not being visible to students.

Given that uploading media in a course's Panopto or Kaltura Media Gallery tool makes the content visible to students, I think instructors will expect that if they place Studio in their course navigation and upload something there (without embedding that content in a module or page), students will be able to see it.