Add a warning to New Quizzes: "These item banks and questions cannot be exported."


This is a major problem that doesn't show itself until it's too late. There should be a warning every time you make a quiz in New Quizzes that the item banks or quizzes cannot be exported (of course there should be a "do not show again" check box as well). There are too many adjuncts who teach in multiple districts that will run into this problem, especially new instructors like myself. 

I know it's being worked on, but until then, a lot of headache and frustration could be saved.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni
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Community Team
Community Team
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Thank you for sharing this idea with the Instructure Community!

The Product Team reviewed all feature proposals recently, and unfortunately, this thread was identified as one that they would not be able to include in their current or future plans. While we appreciate your proposal, we also want to be transparent about the likelihood of something like this making it to production.

Thank you for collaborating, and we hope that you submit another idea in the future!