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Add an Unsaved Data message to Canvas to prevent loss of information

Add an Unsaved Data message to Canvas to prevent loss of information

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Twice so far this semester I have lost 30 minutes or more of work by accidentally leaving a page (assignment or discussion description) before saving my work (or before copy/pasting my work into a word document, which I try to do so I don't lose the information!).

Why is there no "Are you sure you want to leave this page, you have unsaved data?" message?

I strongly suggest that Canvas have such a page, whether for faculty creating content or for students taking quizzes! Most programs (online or off) give the user a heads up when you start to leave a page with unsaved data!

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Archived


This is the error message that displays when the user makes changes to a page and clicks the Cancel button before saving:

unsaved changes message.png

Here's the error message that will display when the user navigates to a different page without first saving changes:

leave site message.png

I wasn't able to click on another site, even in a different window, until I dismissed the message in the Canvas window.

The New Rich Content Editor also has autosave functionality, and you can read more about that at How do I add and modify text in the New Rich Content Editor as an instructor?

As this is existing functionality, we've archived the idea. You might want to check with your local support team to see if something is preventing these messages from displaying when you navigate away from unsaved content and to find out of your school has enabled the New RCE in feature options (it will be turned on for all accounts by default early next year).


Community Member

This error message keep popping up as I move from one page to another. 



I am not even editing pages. This keep happening as I move from one page to another page.

This looks like a glitch in Canvas.




Community Team
Community Team


That's definitely odd behavior. Please use the Help button in your Canvas global navigation to report this to Canvas Support. General instructions are in How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor? , but if your institution has modified its pathway to support, please use the support pathway provided by your school to ask a member of Canvas Support to investigate the behavior you've reported here.

Community Member

Thank you, Stefanie!

It is working well today without any notifications. 😀

I have already informed this to our Canvas administrator to check it out. 

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