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Add image to a submission comment in Teacher App

Add image to a submission comment in Teacher App

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I know we can add voice or video comments to a submission, but why not images? I often grade on my phone on the go, but whenever I have to upload a photo as a response, I have to wait until I can do so in Speedgrader on the computer. 

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Community Coach

@hito - I agree, this is a good idea, especially if it removes the parity between web and mobile. 


The canvas app for faculty has a great video and audio comment option but no way to "attach a file" (as it is available in the speedgrader from a computer.

Having the option to attach a file ( such as a screenshot or an example) for more in depth feedback would benefit the students and avoid making faculty have to email such file to the students.


I would like to be able to submit a photo in the comments from the App. If you are grading on a computer you have the ability to upload a photo in comments. If you are grading from the App you can only add text, video, or audio. I would like to be able to upload a photo from the App when Grading as well. My rubrics are much more detailed than what Canvas allows and I would like to be able to upload a picture of it from my phone rather than have to email the pictures to myself and then upload from a computer.


I completely agree that photos should be a part of the comment process.   The video and audio "media" comments are awesome, but there is nothing for photo comments.   I can UPLOAD a photo to the comment box, but the student then has to DOWNLOAD the photo to view it.   The photo should simply display in the comment box!  Here are some of the ways this can be useful:

* In photo classes I can make a suggested crop of a student's photo and put it in the comment to their photo submission

* Ditto for color corrections

* In technical or arts classes I can take a photo of tool set-ups.   (It's even useful to photography menu settings for complicated instruments.)

* Etc. etc. etc.