Add letters to answer banks for multiple-choice, multiple-answer, and matching questions

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Sometimes in multiple-choice questions the answer might be something like "both b and c." But, there is no option to have letters for the answer options. One user just complained to me that without letters an answer like "both b and c" doesn't make sense.

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Questions that involve positional answers can often be reworded so the responses so they don't rely on the position they are in.

Referring to letters keeps you from randomizing the order of the answers, which increases the likelihood of the answers getting out there. If you absolutely must use things like "both b and c" then just edit the questions and add the letter in front and make sure you don't shuffle the order of the responses.


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I would appreciate Canvas adding an option in New Quizzes (or both New and Original) to have a letter placed next to multiple choice options  (generated automatically) and be visible (for example, "a", "b", "c","d").  This would be particularly helpful to use New Quizzes to print a quiz for administering a paper quiz/exam. The fact that these letters don't appear significantly reduces the utility of using a New Quiz as a paper quiz, since instructors often have students record their answers on a Scantron form when giving a paper quiz. I could add these letters manually for each question within the answer option field, but handling it that way is quite tedious, prone to errors, and also prevents the use of shuffling the answer options and printing a different version of the exam. I have a large class and typically have two versions for each exam, to reduce cheating. I shuffle both the questions and the answer options between the two versions. I have used TestGen software by Pearson to create paper exams this way. I was hoping that I could use Canvas New Quizzes to print exams now, but given the limitations described above, I will go back to using TestGen now that I we are taking tests in person again. Thank you for considering adding this feature. I imagine many other professors would utilize this feature if it were available.