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Add manually post grades setting to course API

Add manually post grades setting to course API

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Our institution would like to have manually posted grades being the default setting upon course creation as outlined here:

It looks like there's a way to do this through a GraphQL mutation, but we would prefer to do it within the course creation API call as it would be onerous to load the extra calls on our integration for one extra setting.

I'd like to request an additional optional parameter on the create a new course API (

parameter: course[grade_post_policy]

type: string

Description: The grade posting policy to apply to course:

  • 'automatic' (default) - Automatically post grades
  • 'manual' - Manually post grades

Similarly, the get a single course API ( ) would have an additional include parameter to get the settings.

The update a course API ( would have the parameter available and would trigger the GraphQL call to update all existing assignments as per the GUI process.

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