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Add multiple questions (essay boxes) within one Assignment

Add multiple questions (essay boxes) within one Assignment

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I have group assignments.  Students write everything out in a document that they upload...but it gets difficult to grade this long document.  If I split an assignment up into several small assignments, students get upset about a 2- or 3-point part of the overall assignment.

MY SUGGESTION: It would be great to have the assignment allow multiple essay boxes in addition to (or in lieu of) File uploads.  For example, I could have 3 different essay boxes for each of the 3 pieces of the assignment  (it would be even more ideal if I could also add a few multiple choice questions to the group assignment).  Each essay box (or question) would have its own points to total up to the overall assignment.

Basically, I want to create something similar to a quiz (with several separate questions) but assign it to a group (which you can't do with a quiz) and call it an assignment.

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Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, consider also adding your support to the long-standing request for  Group Quizzes.

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